Bite Harder

Milk Thistle
Milk Thistle

Sharp tongues lick delicate skin,
cuts go unseen.
Muffled pinpricks leave no trace,
words minced with a feather sword.
Teeth sink deeper than the sound of the bark,
but faded bite marks are easily concealed.


Shine Your Light

poem about shining your light
Burn the eyes of those who look
as you blaze in a burst of glory.
Scathing glances of those who begrudge you
aren’t enough to dim your story.
Burst into the sky with a
Light up the world –
your time is now.

Meet Me There

Poem About Weeds

Say goodnight to waking life
and meet me in the place between awake and dreaming.

I’ll wear the skirt
that twirls like a tornado
as we spin tall tales
and dance our way to madness.

We’ll plunge down the rabbit hole,
whispering sweet melodies
that drown me in a blessed rapture.

No longer caring where one song ends
and another begins –
free from time and space.

Alone in the world,
just you and I.
let’s never leave.

Dream of me as I dream of you
in the place between awake and dreaming.

Hidden In Plain Sight 

Poem About Wildflowers
Oxeye Daisies
He tells me I have a pretty face
but he doesn’t know the truth.
I’m an unwelcome visitor
in his home.
If he knew this
he’d surely cut me away;
toss me aside.
He’d spray venom with words:
“I need to get rid of you.”
So I’ll stand here quietly,
smile sweetly,
and pretend to be something I’m not.
For I am more than just a pretty face;
I’m wild
and I go where I please.

Dandelion Wish

Narrative Poem About DandelionsDandelion“Take me away to far off places.”
Her voice was dreamy and preoccupied.

“How will you get there?” I asked.

“I don’t need wings to fly.”
Her gaze fixed on the setting sun.
“I only need a breeze.
I can escape on your breath.”

“Why should I help you?”
My fingers interlaced around her body.

Her eyes caught mine and said,
“Haven’t you ever had a dream
you dared to wish come true?”

Without another word,
I lifted her to my lips
and kissed her like never before.
With a sigh,
she scattered into a hundred pieces,
each part of her taking flight in the wind.