S is for Snake

alliteration letter s
Garter Snake

Secrets stir silently while
sacrificing satisfaction.
Sanctimoniously singing
sickly sweet songs,
skeptics come to sow seeds
seeping sour scorn.

Swaying sacred sites
spy sinking silos.
Sleek sails swim seas
smuggling sins seeping soot.
Standing in the speckled sand,
spirits soar in celebration.

Stale soil suffocates stunned sailors
seen scarring slumbering sunflowers.
Surprise spins their sanity,
screams singeing spiral spires.
“Stop,” the Sun screeches,
spewing scalding strikes.


Scaly scabs squirm,
and supple swans sigh.
Slippery snails slink,
and silvery snakes slither.
Seasons saunter on,
skating beneath strawberry skies.

Scum scrambles swiftly away –
swamps stifle their squealing slurs.
Some sing somberly,
soon surfing the stars.
Spackled cellars seal themselves,
stowing soundly sleeping survivors.