lost friendship poem
Fallen wasp nest

Once sisters,
now strangers –
an apparition of my present
roaming the darkened halls of this tomb.
Same faces –
different me,
different you.
Cocooned in memories and pleasantries –
castaways drifting further and further.


That Which You Fear

Poem About Spiders
Giant House Spider

Tiptoe across the dark recess of your mind
on legs made of shadows and nightmares.
I lie in wait
in the moment
and see what you do not.

I am your demon –
a projection of misplaced fear and hate;
another mark on the wall
where you laid claim.

Wrap the scourge in sticky sweet dreams,
liquefy all provocation.
You fear the poison
that was already there,
released without a sound.

Tear away the threads of faith.
Lock me away, your saving grace.
Remove me from my place of power.
Still I’ll be here,
unable to be undone.