See Me

Poem About IntrovertsEncased within
my home,
my sanctuary,
my armor.
Guarded against the outside world.

You may not know me,
you misunderstand me,
but please don’t dismiss me.
A quiet observer on the sidelines,
I only move when I’m ready to.

I want to see you.
I want to be seen.
Please be patient –
wait for my shell to crack;
See what’s on the inside
and let me surprise you.


Forgotten Garden

Poem About Slugs
Banana Slug

Slowly now,
there’s no need to rush.
Just follow the iridescent trail
to a place time forgot.

beneath decomposed memories and broken dreams,
are treasures to be unearthed.
Remove your shield;
don’t fear the sharp bite
that eventually gets us all.

Lie an ear against the cracked clay
that once was fertile earth.
There’s an old song – a drum –
playing like a faint heartbeat.

Let the melody dissolve you,
absorb you.
Get lost in the place
that you once sought asylum.
Be nothing and everything,
for you are now home.