Haiku About Anxiety
Unfurled Bracken Fern
Holding on tightly,
unable to breathe deeply.
My mind’s lost again.


Childlike Sense of Wonder

Poem About Child Growing Up
Unfurling Sword Fern
Wake up, sleepy head.

With sun-kissed tousled hair
and moonlight still in your eyes;
Plant your feet and stretch your arms,
there’s no need for a guise.

Greet the day with wonder
and question what you see.
Explore the world with a mind
that flows with curiosity.

Dirty your hands and face
and collect scrapes on your knees.
Your feet are made for getting wet
and for climbing trees.

The broken paths you come across
will take you on an uncharted course.
But everything is lined with silver,
so don’t cake yourself in remorse.

When evening sends you back home,
be sure not to be remiss along the way.
You can tell me of your adventures
and of any gifts from the day.

Now, wash the earth from your brow
and come huddle under my wing.
I’ll kiss your closed eyes
and weave songs to sing.

Goodnight, my sleepy head.